So, what exactly
is dry eye?

Explore each section to gain a basic understanding of eye dryness, the symptoms, the causes and treatment options.


Approximately 50%-70% of contact lens wearers experience Dry Eye symptoms. 
If you wear contact lenses, you're probably not surprised to learn that eye dryness is a common symptom during lens wear. Dry Eye can make contact lenses feel uncomfortable, and evaporation of moisture from contact lenses may worsen Dry Eye symptoms. And as you experience more symptoms, you may find yourself wearing your lenses less and less.

Supplementing your contact lens wear with lubricating eye drops that are safe to use with contacts may help. In addition, the contact lens cleaning and disinfecting products you use should be evaluated, as different products may work better to keep your contacts moist and comfortable.

Fixing the problem starts with a visit to your eye doctor so he or she can evaluate the cause of your contact lens-related Dry Eye symptoms and determine the best way to increase your wearing comfort. Sometimes contact lens wearers avoid talking to their eye doctor about discomfort for fear that they'll be told they can't wear contacts any longer. But with today's variety of contact lenses and care products, the need to discontinue contact lens wear altogether is very unlikely.

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